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Oil paints WIP (2)

Oil paints WIP (1)


I hate backgrounds, make everything simple 

the-lost-amo asked: Attack on Titan! But the abridged version! Now go do you're awesome doodly art magic!


Okay but Thomas was the best part of the abridged version 

I hate lineless drawings because they look like horrific beasts from hell in the beginning 


Water would definitely be his element 

I refuse to finish anything


Letterman jacket is a reference to something, see if you know what it is! 


More character design for a thing! Terrible fashion sense was based off my dad (thanks dad)

But character design is fun


I’m doing that fun thing where you pick a friend’s piece and redraw it and they do the same.

I picked Mary’s sad old witch . If you like this please like and reblog hers! 

I hate tumblr’s sizing things I hate it with a passion

greatest achievement for today 

My friend keeps linking me creepy pastas