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My friend Kira asked me to draw her Bolin! 


I always approached drawing Mako with the personality of a grumpy cat

which is pretty accurate let’s be honest here


Noooooooo, Korra season one is OVER! What will I have to nerd out about now??  Anyways, decided to channel my nerdiness into a drawing of Aang and Korra bringing wee Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya to the Southern Air temple for vacay. Tenzin gets in touch with his air bender roots!

You can kick me out now. 

The actual size is 1500X1500 so that’s probably why is looks funny. 

Oop I forgot I had this.




Man Tenzin is going to have the BEST MORNINGS EVER living with three airbending kids, four teenagers, and a pregnant wife.

And by best I mean worst.

Also I have no idea why I actually coloured this, the sketch was probably good enough hurp

The best.


I just wanted Korra’s feet in Mako’s face and this happened…

No Asami because I wanted this to be Fire Ferret thing c:


Pabu stop

it’s 3am

you’re the best little fuzzy but I need sleep


Go Fire Ferrets!!


SCREAMING alright guys you ready. I SAID YOU READY. Me and the fab Sally have been working on this for a long time now, and it’s finally finished. NEW AND IMPROVED KORRA AND MAKO and FINALLY BOLIN TO BOOT. HOORAY!!! Once again, I did the lines and final editing while Sally bamfed it up with her amazing painting skills. B)

I’ll be selling these prints at ACEN and AX and possibly online after con times, so keep an eye out at them cons! AAAAAAAA


Go fire ferrets, go!