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Track: Where No One Goes
Artist: Jónsi
Album: How to Train Your Dragon 2




Jónsi- Where No One Goes

Music from How To Train Your Dragon 2

sorry but im reblog anytime I see this

I’ve never liked an ost song this much gjfkl

This was soooooo beautiful



this video is actually my favorite thing in the entire world and nothing can ever top it.


remember when we found a place deeper in the woods that had fallen trees and lots of mtn laurel and we wanted to make it our new base

and there was trash back there from the bear? i will always remember 

Mary and I made the power go out on the hill, cut down bushes that had a bees nest in it, got stuck in a bog during the winter, chased by the neighbor’s mean dog, used a tire we found on the road to sit on which housed mosquitos, ate wild mushrooms in the woods after trying to boil it in a plastic bucket, and probably did a lot more dumb stuff I can’t even remember.   

omg i lived in the culdesac tho



the truth is out there.

AUGh we were cute though trying to sell cat hugs for 50¢

We lived in the Ed, Edd, and Eddy universe 

We use to try and sell cat hugs on the side of the road

There was so many cats

Mary and I use to climb pine trees, jump off rocks trying to parkour, and dash through thorn bushes

Now if we even try to go through thorn bushes it destroys us 


Aurora Borealis in Sodankylä, Finland by Visit Finland

I’m going to my friend’s graduation party tomorrow and she’s the only one I know but this means I can embarrass myself at Just Dance because I will never see these people ever again